Who Is ReGaLToS?

What is meant by ReGaLToS?


gift is used in Spanish.

The word regalto is used in Spanish meaning gift..

Where is ReGaLToS from?

Real NameParv SinghBirth PlaceDelhi, indiaEducationNAHometownDelhi, indiaNationalityIndian7 more rows•Mar 25, 2020

Who is the leader of SouL Clan?

The Soul Clan was a collective of American soul musicians led by Solomon Burke, which started in 1966 as started by Burke, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Don Covay and Joe Tex.

Who is SouL Viper?

Soul Viper: His real name is Yash Soni and lives in Mumbai. His in-game role is mainly a secondary Sniper and Assaulter. He plays with two-finger control and has great game sense.

What happened SouL ronak?

During a YouTube stream, SouL Ronak and SouL Viper confirmed that Owais and sc0utOP will be leaving Team Soul. Soon after the conclusion of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2019, Mortal announced a break from the competitive scene to focus more on YouTube and streaming.

Who is MortaL GF?

mortal proposes to a girl name Paridhi Khullar commonly known as raven,rav3n. balance in favor of fair use.

Who is Hydra Dynamo?

One such PUBG Mobile Emulator player is Hydra Dynamo. Adi Sawat aka Dynamo Gaming is a 24 years old graduate who hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Dynamo is a hardcore pro-PUBG Mobile Emulator player who had achieved conqueror in last season. Dynamo is the most trending name in the PUBG Mobile community.

Who is SouL ReGaLToS?

Parv “ReGaLToS” Singh is an Indian PUBG Mobile player who currently plays for Team SouL.

What is the age of SouL ReGaLToS?

SouL MortaL was born on May 22, 1996. The 23-year-old PUBG Mobile star lives in Mumbai with his mom and his brother.

What is the real name of SouL ReGaLToS?

Parv “ReGaLToS” SinghParv “ReGaLToS” Singh is an Indian PUBG Mobile player who currently plays for Team SouL.

Who is the best PUBG player in the world?

Top 10 PUBG Mobile playersRRQ D2E. Bawonchai Han who is known by his PUBG alias RRQ D2E is a 23-year-old PUBG mobile player based out of Bangkok. … Athena Gaming. … SOUL Mortal. … Biu Biu. … Rollexxx. … Panda. … BTR Zuxxy.

Is MortaL leaving soul?

The most popular and beloved PUBG Mobile professional player, Soul Mortal has just announced on his Facebook that he is leaving the PUBG Mobile competitive scene for some time. … However, unfortunately, they failed to win the PMCO Global Finals, which upset Mortal a lot.

Is Raven MortaL’s girlfriend?

As per some sources, Soul Mortal has a girlfriend and her name is Raven and she is also a gamer.

Why ronak and Owais left SouL?

During a YouTube stream, SouL Ronak and SouL Viper confirmed that Owais and sc0utOP will be leaving Team Soul. … As a result of this, Team Soul brought in Sc0utOP as his replacement after mutual agreement with the player’s ex team, Team IND as well as the active roster of team Soul.

Why did Owais leave SouL?

A few weeks ago, just after the conclusion of PMCO, MortaL announced his break from the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile to focus on being a YouTuber and streaming. Because of that, Team SouL had been looking for a new player to fill in MortaL’s slot in PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019.

What is SouL mortal PUBG?

Soul Mortal’s PUBG Mobile ID The character ID of the Soul Mortal’s PUBG Mobile account is 590211476. The ID was revealed when he was streaming on his YouTube channel and showed his profile to the viewers. … Team SouL also lifted the PMIS, widely recognized as PUBG Mobile India Series’ Trophy, in 2019.

Is soul out of Pmco?

Aman revealed on one of his streams on YouTube that Team SouL will not be playing in the PMCO Spring Split 2020. He explained that they need to have more practice so all the team members can learn how to coordinate with each other more, especially when Sangwan just joined the team.

Who is best mortal or Scout?

Yes scout is a better assaulter than mortal , but lacks when compared to Jonathan , zgod , clutchgod , franky. Mortal has won almost all the national events has represented India thrice , has performed in pec , watch the highlights he did atleast 5+ knocks with kar98 but was not able to confirm the kills.