What Does Spencer Matthews Do For A Living?

Are Caggie and Spencer still friends?

The star – who was Millie’s bridesmaid at her wedding to Hugo Taylor last year – says, “Spencer and I are still friends; he’s very happy..

Does Spencer Matthews have a baby?

Ever since they welcomed baby son Theodore Matthews into their lives, Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have completely been enamoured with family life.

How much is Olivia Bentley worth?

Liv Bentley – £600k.

How much is Brian McFadden worth?

Brian McFadden Net Worth: Brian McFadden is an Irish singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $18 million.

What is Vogue Williams net worth?

She and Spencer even starred in a TV show about their family life called Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too where fans could follow their journey into parenthood. Now, Vogue is busy working as a presenter on Heart FM. Online site Net Worth List puts Vogue’s net worth at around the £1.1 million mark.

Is Made In Chelsea real?

Made in Chelsea is staged, and the show tries to tip toe around it. Made in Chelsea isn’t going to shout from the rooftops the show is fake, but it is marketed as “structured reality”. This suggests it’s real, but with some planning behind it.

What is Spencer Matthews net worth?

Spencer Matthews Net Worth: Spencer Matthews is a British reality television personality and author who has a net worth of $15 million.

Are Hugo and Spencer still friends?

The former Made In Chelsea star, 31, has remained close friends with Hugo, 33, and Millie, 30, since their days on the show and the couple are currently expecting a daughter.

Did Rosie and Hugo sleep together?

As for whether she and Hugo really did get together behind Millie’s back, Rosie is keen to clear a few things up: ‘A lot of people just resumed we slept together, which we didn’t. … They started their relationship with that kiss in the gallery scene, which was before I had told Hugo that I didn’t want to be with him.

Who is the richest Made in Chelsea star?

Made in Chelsea’s 32 poshest stars, ranked – net worth, parents, jobs and moreMark-Francis Vandelli. Estimated net worth: £2 million.Francis Boulle. Estimated net worth: £10 million. … Sophie Hermann. Estimated net worth: £3.5 million. … Richard Dinan. … Spencer Matthews. … Hugo Taylor. … Victoria Baker-Harber. … Chloe Green. … More items…•

Spencer Matthews has retired from his days as a Made In Chelsea womaniser, and he has settled down with model Vogue Williams. … Spencer’s new nephew is directly related to Kate Middleton, as his mother is her sister Pippa. This gives Spencer a close connection to the Royal Family.

Where does Spencer and Vogue live?

LondonThe couple will raise their children at the stylish London home they bought together in 2017, which has a spacious open-plan living area, large terrace and adorable tropical-themed nursery.

What does Spencer Matthews work at?

Matthews worked as a public relations manager and an actor and as a foreign exchange trader at Icap currency brokers. He came into the public eye through the E4 constructed reality show Made in Chelsea. In 2017, he won the fourth series of Channel 4’s competition show, The Jump.

What age is Spencer Matthews?

32 years (August 6, 1988)Spencer Matthews/Age

How is Spencer Matthews so rich?

The star hasn’t just lived off his parents’ fortune though – he has made his own money since he started his career as a PR manager at posh London clubs, such as Movida. He later embarked on a career as a trader and reportedly earned £100k a year doing that while filming Made In Chelsea at the same time.

Who is Spencer Matthews wife?

Vogue Williamsm. 2018Spencer Matthews/Wife

Why did Spencer leave mic?

Spencer Matthews, 31, was axed from I’m A Celebrity in 2015 because of a secret addiction to streoids. He said he was taking them to pump up for a charity boxing match that never even happened. In a statement, Spencer said: “Why did I leave I’m a Celebrity after just three days?

What does Spencer Matthews parents do?

David MatthewsFatherJane MatthewsMotherSpencer Matthews/Parents