What Are Some Good Acronyms?

How do you come up with a good acronym?

Acronyms: 3 Simple Rules for Making them MeaningfulThe best acronyms spell out a word that is related to their cause, function or meaning, or one that elicits positive feelings or associations.

Even when the letters don’t spell out a word with meaning related to the subject, it helps if what is spelled out feels like a word:More items…•.

What does AFK mean?

away from keysFrequently found in chat rooms of massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), AFK is short for away from keys for when you aren’t actively on a computer.

What does acronym stand for?

ACRONYMA Coded Rendition Of Names Yielding Meaning Miscellaneous » Funnies — and more…Rate it:ACRONYMAlphabetical Code for Remembering Odd Names You Make up Miscellaneous » Funnies — and more…Rate it:ACRONYMAbbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:9 more rows

Common Informative AcronymsABS – Anti-lock Braking System.ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder.ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.AMA – Against Medical Advice.CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.DARE – Drug Abuse Resistance Education.DOA – Dead On Arrival.More items…

What is the acronym of love?

LOVEAcronymDefinitionLOVELife Offers Valuable Experiences (One Love Services, Inc.)LOVEListen, Observe, Visualize, ExpressLOVELiving out Various EmotionsLOVELots of Violent Emotions41 more rows

What is a good acronym for TEAM?

TEAM acronym (together everyone achieves more), teamwork motivation concept, color sticky notes, white chalk handwriting on blackboard.

What does the acronym best stand for?

Board on Environmental Studies and ToxicologyAcronym. Definition. BEST. Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology (National Academies Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)

What does BTW mean sexually?

11. BRB – Be right back. 12. BTW – By the way. 13.

What is it called when each letter stands for a word?

An acronym is a pronounceable word formed from the first letter (or first few letters) of each word in a phrase or title. Using shortened forms of words or phrases can speed up communication. … Explore this useful shorthand with these examples of acronyms.

What is the opposite of an acronym?

A backronym (sometimes bacronym) is a reverse acronym. To create one, you take a word that isn’t an acronym and create a fictitious expansion for it. Some backronyms are designed as mnemonics.

Is FBI an acronym?

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is an initialism. AIDS is an acronym, while HIV is an initialism.

What is an example of an acronym?

An acronym is a word, name or set of letters created as an abbreviation of a longer phrase or sentence. Usually connectives or words such as ‘and’ or ‘of’ are not included in the abbreviation. Examples: NASA = National Aeronautics (and) Space Administration. DIY = Do It Yourself.