Quick Answer: Is Supermarket Diesel Any Good?

Is there a difference in diesel fuel quality?

Cetane ratings in diesel fuel can be compared to octane ratings in gasoline fuel – the higher the number, the better.

Most No.

2 diesel has a cetane rating of anywhere from 50 to 55 points.

The quality of winterized fuel is less than summer fuel if it is a blend..

Is it worth buying more expensive diesel?

However, premium diesel will potentially help your engine run smoother and cleaner, which can improve both performance and economy with regular use. This may be more noticeable on older or higher-mileage engines than in a brand new car which hasn’t yet accumulated any sediments within the engine.

Do supermarkets sell premium diesel?

For standard diesel that’s 132.3p and 143.0p for premium. It’s not just the big names selling it. Even supermarkets sell upgraded fuel versions, such as Tesco’s Momentum 99 or Sainsbury’s Super Unleaded.

Which is better BP Ultimate Diesel or Shell V Power Diesel?

It’s a lot about additives. I rate BP Ultimate diesel as best all-round for fuel economy as well as fuel system treatment. Shell V-Power diesel has the best lubricity for the fuel injection pump but does not achieve quite the same economy.

Is diesel a premium?

A premium diesel has a higher cetane number, better lubricity and includes detergents that provide injector-cleaning capability versus standard #2 diesel. Cetane measures a fuel’s ignition delay. … Detergents keep fuel injectors clean for optimal engine performance.

Does Shell V Power diesel clean your engine?

New Shell V-Power unleaded contains 30% more cleaning molecules than previous formulation, which helps to target dirt and helps to restore engine cleanliness by removing deposits that have already formed. Our new Shell V-Power Diesel is with boosted DYNAFLEX Technology for our best cleaning performance.

Is it OK to use supermarket diesel?

Supermarket fuel is not bad for your car as all standard fuel in the UK has to adhere to strict legal standards. But each retailer is free to add its own additive package to this base fuel. And this secret concoction can help keep your engine clean and improve fuel economy meaning you often get what you pay for.

Should I use #1 or #2 diesel?

#1 diesel has a lower viscosity which means it’s thinner than #2 diesel. So, in the winter months, #1 diesel will work better in engines because it won’t end up too thick. On the other hand, in hot weather, #1 diesel may become too thin which can also be a problem for engines.

What is the best diesel to buy?

The 8 Best Diesel Trucks You Can Buy2006 and 2007 Chevy and GMC 2500 and 3500. These trucks have a classic body style and sport the Duramax engine, which puts them at the top of the best diesel truck list. … 2014 Ram 1500. … 2012 Chevy Silverado HD. … 1999 ½ – 2000 Ford Super Duty. … 2010 Dodge Ram 2500HD.

Is Vortex diesel better?

Vortex diesel, special diesel etc are usually about 2 c per litre more expensive than regular truck diesel. Apart from maybe different pumping capacity, the key difference is the additive package. The additives are designed to keep fuel systems and injectors clean and reduce foaming.

Why are diesel engines bad?

While diesel fuel contains slightly more carbon, overall CO2 emissions of the average diesel car are lower. But, diesel car emissions have also sparked concerns around public health. Diesel engines generally produce higher levels of NOx and of particulates – tiny pieces of soot that can enter the lungs.

Is BP diesel better?

The clean-up of key engine components in trucks has been shown to offer a fuel economy benefit of up to 3.8%*. In addition, BP Ultimate Diesel is also specifically designed to reduce diesel foaming so refuelling is quicker, safer and cleaner, with less splash-back and spills.