Quick Answer: How Much Did Led Zeppelin Make Per Concert?

How much is Led Zeppelin’s net worth?

300 million record sales and Page’s net worth of $170 million.

Led Zeppelin isn’t the biggest-selling music act of all time, but it’s up there.

According to informal estimates, the band has sold over 300 million record units (including singles, albums, CDs, downloads, etc.) over the years..

How much were Led Zeppelin tickets in the 70s?

Tickets were $12. At the time, minimum wage was $3.35. So, in theory, it took roughly 4 hours of work to afford that ticket. They broke up, time passed, they came back.

What was the best Led Zeppelin concert ever?

Top 10 Led Zeppelin Live Bootlegs’Any Port in a Storm: Southampton University’ … ‘Live at Whisky A Go-Go’ … ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ … ‘Snow Jobs: Vancouver, B.C.’ March 19, 1975. … ‘Dancing Avocado: Fillmore West’ April 24, 1969. … ‘Listen to this Eddie!: L.A. Forum’ June 21, 1977. … ‘Earl’s Court: London’ May 25, 1975. … BONUS. Think You Know Led Zeppelin?More items…•

What was Led Zeppelin’s biggest concert?

Led Zep’s record breaking concert attendance At the opening night in Atlanta Braves’ Stadium Led Zeppelin pulled in a crowd of 49,000 which destroyed the Beatles previous record of 33,000 and grossed $246,180 for the band.

Did Led Zeppelin do drugs?

Led Zeppelin remains one of those bands that represent the bygone era that made sex and drugs synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll. … It’s about the first time he did cocaine as a kid with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. “Jimmy was the first one to ever give it to me,” he told Stern on his Sirius XM radio show.

How much does Led Zeppelin make in royalties?

Publishing royalties But songwriters Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and Warner/Chappell, the song’s publisher, pull royalties from record sales, radio plays and live performances. Zeppelin has played Stairway at every performance since 1971, yielding somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 in royalties.

How much money did Led Zeppelin earn?

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Led Zeppelin’s total revenue for its entire catalog, including “Stairway to Heaven,” since the summer of 2011 is $58.5 million, an expert in the high-profile copyright case said Friday.

What’s Robert Plant’s net worth?

Plant’s net worth estimated at $170 million In recent years, Celebrity Net Worth estimated Plant’s fortune at $170 million.

What is Jason Bonham’s net worth?

Jason Bonham net worth: Jason Bonham is a British drummer who has a net worth of $20 million dollars.