Question: Who Is Best Apex Player?

Who should I Main in Apex legends?

Apex Legends Character Guide: Which Legend Should You Pick?Bloodhound.

A personal favorite, Bloodhound is a good pick if you find it difficult to locate the enemy during a hectic fire fight.


Gibraltar is a good defensive character who should be the toughest player to kill on any team.






Why did Dizzy quit NRG?

Professional Apex Legends player Coby “dizzy” Meadows has retired from competitive play and left NRG. The streamer is citing some personal challenges as well as a desire to improve his content for his departure from competitive Apex and the team.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

The lore of Apex Legends Bloodhound does inadvertently reveal that they are not, in fact, a girl. Bloodhound does conform to standard gender roles and goes by “they”.

Is Aceu the best Apex player?

He even added that aceu is one of the view players he actually gets nervous to play against in scrims. He also added that aceu has the most impressive individual skills among other players that he played with. Aceu is certainly a really good apex Legends player.

Who is the best character in Apex Legends 2020?

Loba. Loba was introduced with Season 5. … Wraith. Just like Pathfinder, Wraith has been S tier since the launch of Apex. … Bangalore. Bangalore is, in my opinion, a balanced legend. … Crypto. Crypto is a legend that requires a different playstyle. … Lifeline. … Gibraltar. … Octane. … Wattson.More items…•

Who is the fastest legend in Apex?

Based on this information, you could argue that Bangalore, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Wraith are the quickest characters in Apex Legends. Remember though, each of their base running speed is exactly the same as anyone else.

Who is the most used legend in Apex?

Respawn/EA Loba hasn’t quite become the most used legend in Apex. According to stats from, Wraith is still the most popular legend to use in season five across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Pathfinder and Lifeline come in second and third place with 10.56% and 8.73% usage rates respectively.

Who has won most apex?

apex Season 1 Wins LeaderboardRankPlayerSeason 1 Wins1Ayakaschi_TV2,2632IROnicplayer1,6843reno-561,6754V-pooch-v1,62296 more rows

How many kills does Zylbrad Apex have?

272 killsThe gameplay itself was quite hectic but eventually, the YouTuber managed to rack up over 272 kills during his final attempt, although the servers did not hold up too well after the last kill, with an error popping up on his screen.

What is Apex legends hero name?

Apex Legends Wraith character abilities, ultimate, playstyle and best Wraith pairings. Wraith is another character playable for free from the start in Apex Legends, and is described as an “Interdimensional Skirmisher”.

Who has the most kills apex legends?

apex Kills LeaderboardRankPlayerKills1TermK47131,6972Twitch_Apryze129,8093imshleepdawg117,4894Abusing_R2117,27496 more rows

Is Apex legends still good 2020?

With Apex slated to get cross-play later this year as it expands to the Nintendo Switch, that’s one weakness set to be fixed; others remain, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Apex is still an excellent experience in 2020, and is positioned well to get even better.