Question: What Is Another Way To Say Above And Beyond?

What is a word for exceeding expectations?

What is another word for exceed expectations?exceed requirementsgo beyond expectationssurpass expectationsgo above and beyondgo above and beyond the call of dutygo the extra mileoutperformoverperformtranscendoverdeliver.

How do you exceed expectations?

Here are 11 simple ways by which any business can look to exceed customer expectations.Collect Customer Feedback. … Focus on the Omni-channel part. … Create a world class Customer Service model. … Institute an impactful employee training program. … Focus on the small things. … Add a personal touch. … Follow up with your customers.More items…•

How do you stay on top of things?

You can only stay on top of things if you’re disciplined. Avoid any distractions, such as checking Facebook, dealing with e-mails when you have more important things to do. Don’t procrastinate as it lowers your productivity and you only postpone what has to be done eventually. Create a to-do list and follow it.

What does it mean to stay on top of things?

stay on top of (someone or something) To remain completely in control of, aware about, or on schedule with something.

What does it mean to be on top of things?

“Being/staying on top of things” generally means that you keep abreast of a situation, monitoring it or otherwise making sure that you know what’s going on, enabling you to react rapidly.

What is another word for expectations?

What is another word for expectation?likelihoodchancehopeprospectoddspossibilitypromiseprobabilityoutlookexpectance45 more rows

Why having expectations is bad?

Projected unmet expectations about the future create depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, impatience and hopelessness. If you didn’t have expectations, you would simply take things as they came and deal with them. … Without expectations, acceptance of what is would be infinitely easier.

How do you describe expectations?

Here are some adjectives for expectations: uncertain vast, curiously paranoid, vague but fearful, oxford–general, always deluded, joyful but anxious, always sanguine, once daring, vague but rather splendid, frivolous and impatient, only logical, impatient and hysterical, rousing false, almost confident, vague and …

What’s another word for beyond?

What is another word for beyond?besidesexceptomittingsavingapart fromaside fromleaving outother thanoutside ofshort of22 more rows

What is another word for being on top of things?

What is another word for on top of things?up to speedat homeinformedknowledgeableacquaintedfamiliarconversantversedabreastaware107 more rows

What are examples of expectations?

An example of expectation is a belief that you will be getting promoted. An example of expectation is a belief that you should behave as a proper lady or gentleman….expectationa. The act of expecting. b. … The state of being expected.a. Something expected: a result that did not live up to expectations. b. … Statistics. a.

How do you exceed expectations in the workplace?

Manage expectations. … Communicate. … Ask questions. … Display a positive attitude. … Be a team player. … Become self-motivated. … Keep your skills up-to-date. … Be flexible.More items…•

How do you identify customers needs and expectations?

To identify needs, you must both listen and ask the right questions. After identifying needs, always check for additional or related needs. Use your knowledge and experience to identify and present the right products, services, and solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

How do you go above and beyond in customer service?

Tips to Go Above and Beyond With Customer ServiceCall the customer personally with updates on the status of the order and expected arrival time.Hand-deliver the merchandise when it arrives.Take 20 or 30 percent off the cost.Send a note apologizing for the delay — tucked inside a gift basket full of goodies.