Question: What Does PRC Stand For?

What does PRC stand for in finance?

Private Commercial Organisation including ConsultantPRC means Private Commercial Organisation including Consultant (i.e.

any commercial organisations owned by individuals either directly or by shares).

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What does PRC stand for in aviation?

PRC in AviationPRCPerformance Review Commission Management, Technology, TrafficPRCPersonnel Readiness Cell Air Force Instruction, MilitaryPRCPersonnel Reception Centre RAF, WW2, Military

What is PRC in criminal case?

Share. View. PRC Law means the then valid laws, administrative regulations, administrative rules, local regulations, judicial interpretations and other binding regulatory documents of the People’s Republic of China.

What is the full form of PRC in India?

Application Form For Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) | National Portal of India.

What does PRC stand for in construction?

Precast reinforced concreteAnswer. Precast reinforced concrete (PRC) houses fall within the more general category of non-traditional housing. This means anything that is not a conventional brick or timber frame structure and includes steel frame, cast in situ concrete and PRC construction.

What does PRC stand for in human resources?

Partnership Resource Center. PRC. Precision Response Corporation (outsourcing) PRC. Prevention Retention and Contingency (program; Ohio Department of Job and Family Services)

What is PRC salary in India?

P.R.C. is an abbreviation for. “PAY REVISION COMMISSION”. Every 10 years,Central Govt enhances the basic pay and various allowances to its regular employees and pension and other benefits to its retired employees on the recommendations of a Commisstion.

What is PRC education?

Committee, Planning, University. PRC. Pupil Referral Centre. Teaching, University, Scholarship.

What does PTC stand for?

PTCAcronymDefinitionPTCParametric Technology Corp.PTCProperty Tax Credit (various locations)PTCPercutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography (cancer-diagnostic procedure)PTCParent Teacher Conference144 more rows

What does PRC stand for in healthcare?

Purchased/Referred CarePurchased/Referred Care (PRC)