Question: Is There An App That Auto Responds To Texts?

Can I set an auto reply for text messages?

To set up automated text responses in Android Auto, first open the app.

Slide out the left sidebar and choose Settings.

Under the Notifications section, tap Auto reply.

Here, you can customize the text that appears when you auto-respond to a message..

Can you set auto reply text messages iPhone?

Ensure your apps are up to date as the following steps apply to the most recent version.From a Home screen, tap the Message+ app . … Tap the Settings icon. … Tap Auto Reply.Tap the Auto Reply switch to turn on or off .While enabled, tap Add new message. … Change the Until date then tap the back arrow .

How do I set up auto reply for messages?

Verizon Messages – Android Smartphone – Manage Auto ReplyOpen the Verizon Messages app .Tap the Menu icon. (upper-left).Tap the Auto-Reply switch to turn on or off .Tap Add a New Message. While enabled, do the following: Select the desired option from the available messages. If necessary, tap Add a New Message, enter a message then tap Save. Select one of the following:

Can you get hacked by responding to a text?

Even before you open a message, the phone automatically processes incoming media files — including pictures, audio or video. …

What is a good automatic reply message?

I will be out of the office starting (Starting Date) through (End Date) returning(Date of Return). If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact (Contacts Name) at (Contacts Email Address). Otherwise I will respond to your emails as soon as possible upon my return. Thank you for your message.