Question: Does Christina Aguilera Have Blue Eyes?

What is Christina Aguilera net worth?

Christina Aguilera Net Worth and Salary: Christina Aguilera is an American musician and entertainer who has a net worth of $160 million.

A five-time Grammy Award winner, she is best known for her vocal power and provocative personal style..

What height is Britney Spears?

1.63 mBritney Spears/Height

How tall is Madonna really?

1.64 mMadonna/Height

Is Christina Aguilera white?

Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York City to musician Shelly Loraine Fidler Kearns and U.S. Army sergeant Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera Monge. Her father is Ecuadorian and her mother, who is American-born, has English, Scots-Irish, and German ancestry.

Who is Christina Aguilera with now?

Matthew Rutler (2010–)Christina Aguilera/Partner

Where does Christina Aguilera live now?

Christina Aguilera lives with her family in a gated community in Beverly Hills where she bought a mansion in 2013. She has also lived in Beverly Hills.

What languages does Christina Aguilera speak?

EnglishSpanishChristina Aguilera/Languages

What nationality is Christina Aguilera?

AmericanChristina Aguilera/NationalityChristina María Aguilera was born in Staten Island, New York City, on December 18, 1980, to musician Shelly Loraine Kearns (née Fidler) and United States Army soldier Fausto Xavier Aguilera. Her father was born in Ecuador, and her mother has German, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch ancestry.

How tall is Christina Aguilera?

1.57 mChristina Aguilera/Height

Who is Christina Aguilera parents?

Fausto Xavier AguileraFatherShelly LoraineMotherChristina Aguilera/Parents

How tall is Jennifer Lopez?

1.64 mJennifer Lopez/Height

Who is Christina Aguilera’s baby daddy?

Matt Rutler is the baby daddy and fiance of Christina Aguilera, who has rejoined The Voice for it’s eighth season.

What is Christina Aguilera natural hair color?

Aguilera — who is a natural dark blonde — has never shied away from experimenting with various hues. A month before going red, she went lavender in early May for just a couple days.

How Old Is Christina Aguilera?

39 years (December 18, 1980)Christina Aguilera/Age

Was Christina Aguilera in a girl group?

‘Lady Marmalade’ With fellow Mouseketeers Spears and Timberlake also lighting up the charts with their respective music, Aguilera became one of the leading faces of a group of teen pop stars. But she wasn’t comfortable maintaining the squeaky clean image this sort of role foisted upon her.

Did Christina Aguilera attend her graduation?

Christina Aguilera attended North Allegheny Intermediate High School until grade 9 and then she was home schooled until graduation. It is said that she was pulled out of high school early because the other children were jealous of her fame.