Question: Can You Take Food Into Travelodge?

Can you bring alcohol in a hotel room?

Hotels generally doesn’t allow outside liquor in any hotel premises except guest rooms.

Never forget that even if outside liquor is allowed in Hotel premises, Hotel will be putting in corkage charge, yet special cases does exist..

What’s the latest you can check into a Travelodge?

3pmYou can check in after 3pm on the scheduled date of arrival unless you purchase an early check-in Extra with your booking or directly at the hotel, subject always to availability.

Do you get free breakfast at Travelodge?

*Unlimited breakfast is only available where we have restaurants and bars ​located inside our hotels – our Bar Cafe hotels. … ***Up to 2 children aged 15 and and under eat breakfast free per paying adult.

Can I pay cash at Travelodge?

You must be able to show photo identification (a driver’s licence, passport or national ID card) and a valid credit or debit card if you are paying by cash for a pay on arrival or walk-in booking at a Travelodge hotel.

Are towels provided in Travelodge?

Every one of our rooms is set up with a fresh set of white towels (including bath and hand towels) with more available at reception if you require. Hand, hair and body wash are provided, but we advise that you bring other toiletries such as conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste with you as these aren’t available.

Do Travelodge have showers?

At Travelodge your experience is important to us, that’s why we’ve made sure that our rooms are more comfortable than ever before. … Our rooms also have ensuite shower rooms, a spacious desk, a TV with freeview and WiFi. Enjoy complimentary hair and body wash and coffee and tea making facilities.

Do Travelodge TVS have HDMI?

Some hotels like Travelodge have locked their TV’s to stop you using any input sources through USB or HDMI so you can’t use games consoles such as Xbox or PS4 or even laptop for work purposes etc. … TV is now unlocked for HDMI input and other sources.

Is it OK to order pizza to a hotel?

Short answer: Yes. When you order a pizza, make sure you give the pizzeria your last name, the name of the hotel, and your room number. That makes things easier for both the pizza restaurant and the hotel desk agents, in case there are any problems with delivery.

What is the difference between hub and Premier Inn?

Hubs don’t have the breakfast buffet, dinner service, or bar like a regular Premier Inn. The rooms are much smaller. The Hub I stayed at in Covent Garden had the bed against a wall so that might not work for a couple. Also, the Hub bathroom is a frosted enclosure, not a separate room with a door.

Can I bring food into Travelodge?

over a year ago. Hi you can take food to your room and you can get food yourself in the bar at the hotel, breakfast at the hotel is buffet style and excellent. … You can’t have room service but can take hot food to your room. over a year ago.

Can you drop bags off at Travelodge?

Yes there is. Travelodge are trialling left luggage facilities. … No there isn’t a left luggage facility at this hotel.

What included in a Travelodge room?

All rooms come with complimentary tea and coffee making facilities including mugs, water cups, a kettle, Barista’s choice coffee, decaffeinated coffee sachets, as well as Typhoo tea bags, milk, sugar and sweeteners.

Can I take a girl to hotel?

No, there is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together or checking-into a hotel.

Do Travelodge rooms have a fridge?

Thank you for your query. Unfortunately we don’t have neither fridges nor microwaves in the rooms. If it’s the case of storage of medicine, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate that specific request.

Do Travelodge take payment straight away?

All payments are due in full at the time of booking unless otherwise advised by Travelodge. If you pay by a payment card then we will charge a booking fee. We will not refund the booking fee if you cancel the booking.

Can you bring food into a hotel room?

Some hotels will not allow delivery people to the room due to security (you meet them in the lobby), but that is usually no problem. … So it doesn’t matter if you bring the food in your room and eat it.

Can you take your own food into Premier Inn?

No, but you’re more than welcome to take your food and drink up to your room.

Can you order takeaway to a Travelodge?

over a year ago. Hi you can take food to your room and you can get food yourself in the bar at the hotel, breakfast at the hotel is buffet style and excellent. … You can’t have room service but can take hot food to your room.

Is room service free at hotels?

Yes, every hotel charges for room service. over a year ago. Hotels typically charge a fee for room service or automatically add on a tip. I did not use the service, but I have never been in a hotel where the “menu” isn’t more if you have it in your room than at the restaurant.

Can you drink tap water in Travelodge?

Yes, the tap water will be fine to drink. Tap water in the UK is ranked as some of the cleanest in the world. … That’s why you don’t drink hot water .