Is Unawatuna Worth Visiting?

Which is better Mirissa or Unawatuna?

Hi, Mirissa is the better beach , more natura looking with more palm trees fringing the sand.

Unawatuna is a very narrow beach and in most places, guest houses, restaurants, etc built right up to and in some cases over the sands.

Has more choice of restaurants, bars etc..

What is there to do in Unawatuna at night?

13 Best Things To Do In UnawatunaRelax at Unawatuna Beach. … Swing at the Dalawella beach Swing. … Go surfing in Sahana Beach. … Visit the Dog care clinic in Unawatuna. … Visit Galle Fort. … Visit Galle Lighthouse. … Go Snorkelling at Jungle Beach. … Visit the turtle rescue sanctuary.More items…•

What is special in Mirissa?

Secret Beach, Mirissa. A small pristine secluded beach and somewhat harder to get to. … Parrot Rock. In front of Mirissa Beach is a rock towering over the water, where you can climb up and see a bit of the Mirissa area. … Coconut tree spot. … The Doctors House. … Weligama. … Whale watching. … Day trip to Unawatuna & Galle Fort. … Surfing.More items…•

Is it OK to wear shorts in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka’s heat the most practical and comfortable clothing is loose fitting, light cotton wear. … Women can wear bikinis when they are on the beach but when travelling around they need to be mindful of cultural sensitivities, so generally knee length shorts/dresses/skirts are advisable.

How do I get from Mirissa to Unawatuna?

There is no direct connection from Unawatuna to Mirissa. However, you can take the taxi to Elle, take the train to Fort Station, take the walk to Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal, take the bus to Matara Bus Station, then take the taxi to Mirissa. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Mirissa.

How far is Unawatuna from Hikkaduwa?

21 kmThe distance between Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa is 21 km. The road distance is 24.9 km.

Is Galle worth visiting?

Hi, Galle is worth a visit for a first timer, a half a day trip should do fine there. Galle fort is something of interest including the galleries/museums and also the little coffee places inside.. I m sure you will enjoy it.

Is there sharks in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka’s waters are home to 63 shark and 42 ray species, but many are threatened by overexploitation to feed the growing demand for shark fins, meat, and liver oil.

How do you get to Unawatuna?

From Colombo downtown, catch the Matara-train (with ocean-view) and jump off in Galle (takes almost three hours, Rp 180) and take either a tuk-tuk (Rs 300-400) or local bus (Rs 15) from Galle to Unawatuna. Recommended from Colombo downtown to Galle are aircon mini-buses that take 3 hours as well (Rs 230).

How far is Unawatuna from Colombo airport?

134 kmThe distance between Colombo Airport (CMB) and Unawatuna is 134 km. The road distance is 154.1 km.

Which is better Hikkaduwa or Bentota?

bentota attracts a more middle class hotel based crowd and the hotels are better and costs higher . we much prefer hikkaduwa as it attracts more freespirited independant and surfer types . good more expensive accomodation can be found if thats what you are after.

Is Hikkaduwa worth visiting?

Hikkaduwa is a small beach town located along the south coast of Sri Lanka. … If you are pushed for time, I would suggest staying at Mirissa over Hikkaduwa as it is a lot more laid back and less commercialised, but overall if you have the time it’s worth the visit.

How far is Unawatuna from Mirissa?

24 kmThe distance between Unawatuna and Mirissa is 24 km. The road distance is 28.4 km.

How far is Unawatuna from Galle?

4 kmThe distance between Galle Fort and Unawatuna Beach is 4 km.

Can you swim in Unawatuna Beach?

The beach is popular with tourists, and part of the beach is occupied with sunbeds for rent. In the afternoons, Sri Lankan families come to the beach to enjoy some swimming in the sun. … Unawatuna Beach is really beautiful, with great swimming, but not our favorite beach in Sri Lanka.

Where should I stay Galle or Unawatuna?

Unawatuna Hotels and Places to StayThe Lodge Unawatuna. Unawatuna, Galle District.Calamander Unawatuna Beach. Unawatuna, Galle District.Cantaloupe Aqua. Unawatuna, Galle District.Apa Villa Thalpe. Unawatuna, Galle District.Black Beauty Guesthouse. … Thaproban Beach House. … CoCoBay Unawatuna. … Flower Garden Hotel.More items…

Is Mirissa worth visiting?

Mirissa is a beauty among the beaches – the sea, the breeze, a rocky little island near the shore….. For those who love to walk on the shores and even for those who like to swim, this beach is ideal. … People in Mirissa are very friendly and nice.

What is the most dangerous animal in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is home to two species of Krait classified as highly venomous: the Common Krait, and the Sri Lankan Krait (or Ceylon Krait). Possessing a highly potent venom, the Common Krait is the most dangerous land snake in Sri Lanka: it would take just around 0.6 mg of its venom to kill a person.