How Do You Respond To Bless Your Heart?

What dies bless your heart mean in the South?

In a recent story on the gay marriage debate in Alabama, the New York Times quoted someone using the phrase “Bless his heart.” …

Apart from your grandmother, who probably means it when she says it to you, the phrase is largely seen as Southern code, a way for Southerners to insult someone in a less direct way..

What does it mean when someone says bless?

bless’ – This is a very popular way of saying the Southern American equivalent of ‘well, bless his heart’. It’s a way of expressing sympathy. Usually it is said if someone isn’t feeling well or if they’ve unwittingly said something naïve or silly.

Why do people say bless you?

Why do people say, “God bless you,” after someone sneezes? … One of the symptoms of the plague was coughing and sneezing, and it is believed that Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great) suggested saying “God bless you” after a person sneezed in hopes that this prayer would protect them from an otherwise certain death.

What does blessed soul mean?

It’s basically a way to say “thank you; you were very kind.” The person saying it is asking God to bless you. It’s basically a way to say “thank you; you were very kind.” The person saying it is asking God to bless you. See a translation.

Do you say thank you when someone says bless you?

The history and the reasons behind being blessed when someone sneezes is irrelevant really and really doesn’t even or shouldn’t have any regard or hold any weight to decide not to say thank you. It shouldn’t matter. Just say “thank you “ when someone blesses you.

Why shouldn’t you say Bless you?

A “bless you” was uttered to protect you from the evil that a sneeze left you susceptible to. … In the absence of a “bless you,” an alternative could be for the sneezer to say “excuse me,” as one might with any other involuntary bodily function (ok, gas).

Is Blessed be a Wiccan saying?

Blessed be thy third eye, that sees all. The Five-Fold Kiss can be performed during Wiccan rites and ceremonies, such as handfasting or the Drawing Down the Moon Rite. It may be the origin of the term blessed be, a well-known Neopagan greeting, also used as a general expression of blessing during ritual.

How is bless your heart an insult?

“Bless your heart” is a phrase that is common in the Southern United States. The phrase has multiple meanings. It can be used as a sincere expression of sympathy or genuine concern. It can be used as a precursor to an insult to soften the blow.

What can I say instead of God bless you?

There are several proposed bless-you origins for use in the context of sneezing. In non-English-speaking cultures, words connoting good health or a long life are often used instead of “bless you,” though some also use references to God.

How do I bless someone?

At ChurchSmile at everyone.Say hello to visitors.Sit with someone who is by them self (or ask them to sit with you)Pray with someone who needs it.Ask for prayer requests.Offer a listening ear.Exort and encourage.Remeber things: names, prayer requests, favorite things.More items…•

How can we bless God?

To bless God is to praise him and to thank him for all the blessings he gives us. When you think about America, you can’t help but recall the good things he has bestowed on us. Our nation was placed into history through his goodness to serve a role of protector and defender of liberty and freedom in our homeland.

How do you respond to bless you?

If you accept a “bless you,” then it’s easy to respond appropriately: Say “yes,” or “yes, thank you,” or just “thanks.” Or signal yes — nod your head, or wink your eye, or simply smile.