How Do I Listen To Shortwave Radio?

Can you listen to ham radio on shortwave?

Ham radio operators are permitted to transmit on some frequencies in the shortwave band, so if you are listening for shortwave broadcasts, you may discover ham transmissions.

These transmissions aren’t intended for you, but you are more than welcome to listen..

Is there still shortwave radio?

No wonder most of the analog shortwave transmitters sold today are DRM-capable or ready. In 2019 the BBC is still on shortwave and has large audiences in countries like Nigeria, having recently introduced new shortwave transmissions in additional languages.

Are shortwave radios obsolete?

Yes, shortwave listening is still very much a thing among some folks, myself included. Sadly, however, the number and variety of international broadcast stations has shrunk drastically over the years. … Sadly, however, the number and variety of international broadcast stations has shrunk drastically over the years.

What is the best shortwave radio to buy?

TOP 10 BEST SHORTWAVE RADIOS IN 2020 – COMPLETE CHARTSangean ATS-909X. FM reception is excellent. … Tecsun PL880. Excellent ergonomics. … C Crane CC Skywave. Battery life lasts for 60-70 hours. … Eton GrundigSatellit 750. External antenna jacks. … Tecsun PL-600. … Kaito Voyager Pro KA600. … TECSUN PL-380. … SONY ICF-SW11.More items…•

Is UVB 76 still broadcasting?

On May 17, 2020, UVB-76 was interrupted again by a short third-party transmission.

What can you listen to on shortwave radio?

Here is some of what I heard just in that wee swatch of spectrum:Voice of Greece – 9,240 kHz.Voice of Iran – 9,460 kHz.WTWW – 9,478 kHz.Deutsche Welle – 9,490 kHz.Radio Riyadh – 9,555 kHz.Radio Marti – 9,565 kHz.North Quebec Service – 9,625 kHz.Voice of Turkey – 9,635 kHz.More items…•

Can you listen to shortwave radio online?

1 Radio News app – 1 Radio News, the remarkably simple and global radio news app for Android. Top global live stations including many international shortwave broadcasters. … Simply swipe and press to listen.

How can I get better reception on my shortwave radio?

Most shortwave portables radios on the market today have a telescopic whip antenna that will suffice for casual listening. But often you can increase the antenna gain by simply adding more length in the form of a simple thin wire. Keep in mind that many radios actually ship with a clip-on antenna wire.

Can you listen to a ham radio without a license?

You need a license to create ham radio signals (i.e. to transmit), but you don’t need a license to receive or listen to ham radio. All you need is a radio capable of properly demodulating the signal. You can start with an inexpensive VHF/UHF FM scanner from Radio Shack or another electronics store.

What is broadcast on shortwave?

High Frequency Broadcasting (HF), also known as Shortwave Broadcasting, is a radio service licensed by the FCC to operate between 5,950 kHz and 26,100 kHz. This is an international broadcast service where transmissions are intended to be received by the general public in foreign countries.

Is shortwave AM or FM?

Marine radio uses FM except for long range marine that uses SSB a derivative of AM. And SSB is still the main transmit mode choice by a huge population of amateur radio operators. And most shortwave (SW) broadcasting is still AM. AM radio is talk radio, that is, news, weather, traffic, sports and opinion.

How far can a shortwave radio reach?

Shortwave radio travels much farther than broadcast FM (88–108 MHz). Shortwave broadcasts can be easily transmitted over a distance of several thousands of kilometers, including from one continent to another.